5 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Your Butcher, Answered

On your typical visit to your local Perth butcher, you may have come up with some questions that you have been dying to ask your butcher. Maybe it was too busy, or you were too shy to ask these questions.


Don’t worry! At Silvestro Butchers, we have answered 5 of the most common questions you may have always wanted to ask a butcher.


 Can I cure my meat at home?

Curing your meats from the comfort of your home can be done, and the great news is that minimal equipment is required. All you need is a mini-fridge dedicated solely to the curing of your meats. However, there are clear rules that need to be followed when curing meats in your mini-fridge. Do some research and get started on curing meat all in the comfort of your home.

How do I make the perfect burger?

This is one of the most common questions we get as Perth butchers. When indulging in a burger, we want it to be grilled to perfection. There are many ways to make a perfect burger, but there is no one correct answer. Our suggestion is to focus on the grind of the meat; grinding meat from home is a great start. Patty formation is essential; handle your meat as little as possible. When cooking, use a skillet or flat cooking surface – this will give you a moist and juicy burger.



What animal has extremely high protein and calcium? It is also low in cholesterol, fat and sodium?

Many people would say that chicken is the best source. However, an expert Perth butcher can tell you that this is not true. Rabbit is often under-looked and extremely high in protein as well as low in cholesterol. The more people have become aware of this knowledge, the more it has been utilised in dishes. Ask your local Perth butcher for tips on cooking rabbit and seeing for yourself the benefits it has. 


4. What are the best ways to cook lamb?


Lamb can be cooked in many ways and still taste phenomenal, but the best way would have to be spit-roasting. This method will leave your meat tender in each bite. Other great ways to cook lamb include, asado and oven-roasting.


5. Which parts of animals are most overlooked? Which of them should I be cooking with?


Many people overlook the delicate parts of some animals because they assume the idea of it is disgusting. However, in many foreign countries, these parts are considered delicacies. Some of the most commonly overlooked parts of animals are the tongue, tails, feet, cheeks and heads. This might raise some questions, but as expert Perth butchers, we highly recommend trying it before disregarding it.


If you have any questions regarding the cut of meat or cook it to perfection, never hesitate to ask. Our job as Perth butchers is to transfer our knowledge to our customers to ensure they get the best quality out of our meats. We are passionate about what we do and are more than happy to answer your questions and give you advice.


If we haven’t answered your queries, you can always get in touch!


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